About The CEA Forum Annex

The idea for The CEA Forum Annex came about from discussions during the Presidential Forum at the 2012 College English Association Conference in Richmond, Virginia.  I had the pleasure of appearing on the Forum alongside Jeri Kraver, the editor of The CEA Critic.  Many members of the audience voiced interest in the creation of an online venue to discuss articles appearing in The CEA Forum, to read about important issues in higher education, and to connect with other members of the CEA.  The CEA Forum Annex will provide that venue by
  • publishing a monthly guest blog entry that discusses current issues in higher education and the teaching of English,
  • offering an interactive online forum to facilitate conversation about articles in The CEA Forum and topics in higher education and the teaching of English, and
  • allowing CEA members to make connections with other members who share their interests.
If you have questions or suggestions for The CEA Forum or The CEA Forum Annex, please do not hesitate to contact me at jmcdaniel@pittstate.edu.  I am always looking for new and creative ideas!

Dr. Jamie L. McDaniel
Editor, The CEA Forum
Assistant Professor of English
Director, Technical / Professional Writing
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS